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(DIY) Greenwalls

NEXT-GEN Greenwall for DIY installations

A next level Greenwall system - a revolutionary product in the world of vertical greening.

Our DIY Greenwalls are a product of the Dutch company Nature's Green. After trying lot's of different systems, we decided to use this system as our basic product, because of it's ease and the great, healty plants.

NextGen Living Walls are the perfect eye-cather to create a healthy, exceptional and relaxing atmosphere.

They improve air quality and help with noise reduction.

When proper lighting is present, virtually any kind of plant can thrive in the NextGen Living Walls. If not, just buy growLEDs.

We offer special LED lights that have an UL approved LED driver. Let them work voor 10 hours with a timer.

The NextGen corner tray is the perfect solution for every design where a corner is needed for complete NextGen Living Wall coverage. The small 20 cm planter is a flexible system for curved walls, pillars and other custom sizes NextGen Living Walls, available in our shop. Buy our all-in-one modules or read this page and shop your products seperated.

Several irrigation methods are available, including manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic.

If you want a waterreservoir for automatic irrigation, you have to lower the tank size from your walls dimentions.

Before assembling a Greenwall, it is important to check a few things:

Does the wall you want to place the system on have sufficient load-bearing capacity?

Where are any water pipes / electricity cables located in the wall?

Is a water outlet nearby?

Then check the following steps:

Determine the required dimensions of the wall (width x height).

First assemble the bottom layer of the wall at the required width, working from left to right when selecting modules.

You can choose modules of 50, 75 and 100 cm. These modules are always 82 cm high. 

Having selected the bottom layer, you can now assemble the top layer/layers.

Please remember to work from left to right and from bottom to top.

Furthermore, the width of the modules must be equal to the width of the modules in the bottom layer.

After assembly, the modules are 75 cm high (the bottom planter has a 7 cm overlap). 

Do you require any accessories such as hydro-screens (if you selected hydroculture) or wicks (for soil-based plants) and/or assembly fixtures? Don’t forget to order such items. 

You can order the selected modules now.

The ordering units do not include any assembly fixtures. These must be purchased separately.

Step by step - Greenwall Instruction Guide

Always be prepared - the tools and building components

A module consists of a grid, planters, drain hoses and leaf catchers.

The grid had a top and a bottom, this is written on the grid itself.

The planters or trays are open or closed.

When open you need to ad the drain hose and the leaf catchers. Make sure the TOP side is up.

Always start assembly of a wall with a bottom module, and keep a distance of at least 10 cm from the ground, and at least 20 cm from the ceiling. We recommend 6 screws per grid.

Make sure that the wall can be safely and solidly affixed. In case of any doubt, always contact a building expert.

If you want to assemble a wall with non-standard dimensions, you can reduce the grids by cutting them to size along the sawing lines with a saw.

When all is set up and prepared, you're ready to start building your wall!

Second step:  the dimentions - the different grids and modules 

50 cm module and planters

75 cm module and planters

100 cm module and planters

Distance between grids

The planters of the upper grids overlap by 7 cm.

Next step - Assembly of your Greenwall 

Draw a horizontal and a vertical line on the wall. Draw from at least 10 cm from the ground, and until at least 20 cm to the ceiling.

Continue working from left to right and from bottom to top. Ensure that there is no space between the rows.

If the bottom row of closed planters is fully placed, start placing the other planters from bottom to top and then from left to right.

First affix the bottom layer grids firmly to the wall. Take the mutual distance of the grids into consideration. Work from left to right.

Before hanging in the planters, affix the drain hoses to the bottom of the drain pipe. Place the leaf catchers on the top of the drain pipe.

Before placing soil-based plants in the tray, please check if loose soil is on top. If yes, press lightly. Push the wicks through the pot in the soil from the bottom, and let it stick out a little to ensure that the wicks are able to absorb plenty of water.

Determine the right distance between the grids before affixing the next grid.

First place the bottom row.

Once all grids are in place and affixed, you can hang in the planters. Always start with the bottom row, with closed planters

Water the top tray. Subsequently, fill the planters up to the level of the drain pipes.

This way, you maximise the water cycle.

Enjoy your Greenwall - You did it, now let the plants grow and don't forget to water the wall.

If you notice the plants need more light, you can buy our growLEDS. You can water manually or add a water reservoir with pump, also available in the shop. If you need plantfood or help, our Groenwand team is there to assist you in all possible ways, don't hesitate to contact us with any question.